Jerry Windsor
Pool Cleaning
Pool Cleaning by Jerry Windsor


In Ground and
Above Ground Pools

"A Happy Pool is a Clean Pool"

Pool Cleaning by Jerry Windsor

Residential Pools Only
Serving Ocala Since 1993

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Includes the following:

  • Vacuum Swimming Pool
  • Clean Swimming Pool Tile
  • Clean Swimming Pool Filter
  • Test Swimming Pool Water
    • Total Hardness ppm
    • Total Chlorine ppm
    • Free Chlorine ppm
    • PH
    • Total Alkalinity ppm
    • Cyanuric Acid ppm
  • Clean Pool Pump and Pool Skimmer Baskets
  • Check Swimming Pool System for Leaks
  • Job Card - Date - Time-Day - comments
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals
Swimming Pool Cleaning

Chemical Check

Pool Chemical Delivery

Discounted Pool Parts Delivery

Leak Testing

Pressure Cleaning